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An integrated solution

UDATA, Real Estate Management is an integrated solution focused on the maintenance and the servicing of your property assets. It not only covers the rental and accounting aspects of the profession, but oversees all of the real estate managers’ preoccupations.

Comprised of a Web portal for administrative operations and mobile extensions for field activities, UDATA, Real Estate Management is a unique tool that combines the functionalities of a real estate management software with those of the best computer maintenance management systems (CMMS).

An integrated
Web and mobile
UDATA, Real Estate
Centralized Web Portal
Mobile Equipment (in the field)

UDATA, Real Estate Management constitutes a veritable coordination center for all your operations. Be it for administrative activities relating to your properties (rentals, tenant notices, contract renewals, etc.) or operations linked to servicing, maintenance or improvements, all activities are logged in the appropriate agendas and managers are notified of any delays.

Furthermore, the “Virtual Expertise Library”, unique to UDATA Solutions, enables a user to feed their own company’s standardized practices and procedures into the software, which are then used to guide the ensuing actions.

Your buildings

Henceforth, you will not only have perfect control over your operations, but will also ensure an irreproachable organizational memory on what has been done as well as what should have been done. Furthermore, the red flag escalation procedure found within the alert mechanism will promptly inform you of any disparities or problematic activities.


A complete, cost effective and customizable solution that integrates your processes and expertise in order to maintain the sustainability of your assets and ensure an increased market rental value.

An amazing control center that reinforces the sustained and integrated coordination of all your activity thanks to cutting edge Web and mobile technology.

To have a precise understanding and better control of your properties and their components.
To efficiently manage the specific servicing and maintenance activities of each property.
To oversee recurring periodic activities intended to protect your assets.
Comfort and satisfaction
To preserve your tenants’ and your staff’s heightened level of satisfaction and comfort.
Preventive maintenance
To limit corrective maintenance which is generally much more costly than preventive maintenance.
Obligations and security
To respect your legal obligations and properly manage all aspects relating to tenant security.
For informed decision-making on potential investments and an irreproachable organizational memory.
To guide your employees through your company’s maintenance and inspection standards.
Integrated management
For the integrated operations management of your tenants, rental agreements and all related communications.


A user-friendly solution that adapts to your organizational processes, not the other way around. With UDATA Solutions, you will not be imposed new procedures nor will you have to manage irrelevant information to your company.

Turnkey solution that can be used as is or can also be customized (ex.: integration of your own inspection models, communications, notices, etc.).
Online support is available and adaptable to fit your intended level of customization as well as your staff’s ease with IT tools.
Resources are readily available to support you with the general use and guide you through the customization of the solution.
With the company information in hand, your entire solution will be up and running in no time.


UDATA Solutions possess many unique characteristics. Through the UDATA Store you can access:

The UDATA Store is a private store that has been operating since 2008. First introduced for our building inspection solution, the new segment relating to our UDATA, Real Estate Management solution will be available in the first half of 2017..